For the love of pizza

I ate pizza today (what), at a place I had never been before (ohmygosh what), and it was good.

My best friend went out of town with me for a job interview (I’ll be graduating university soon). The interview went well, I think, except I stumbled on my way out. Oh well, it wouldn’t be Annie if it was perfect!

We decided to stop a local pub while we were in this curious little town. We didn’t drink, but we shared a small pizza and a salad. It was good. I didn’t eat as much as I really wanted to, but what I did eat I enjoyed, and I didn’t panic or overthink it.

We talked and laughed and had a good time together, exploring a new place. We commented on the waiter’s resemblance to Brendon Urie and then drove down Main Street with the windows down singing Panic! At The Disco songs. We walked aimlessly up and down the block, wandering into a bakery filled with delicious treats, which smelled amazing but I couldn’t bring myself to eat, even though my friend offered to share hers with me.

But I ate pizza. And I had a great day, whether or not I get the job. And I’m glad I did it. I felt a little spark today…a little willingness to fight for Annie. Just a smidgen of appreciation for myself and this messy life, because my friend was there. I want to share more laughs and eat more pizza and say yes to bakery treats and have more good times. Maybe these little days are all the reason I need to recover.

feat. image via Pixabay

5 thoughts on “For the love of pizza

  1. The feeling of not being worthy is not worthy of credence, for in its acceptance comes forth none other than the inclination o attract more of the same into our lives. Attraction is a self fulfilling prophecy which adapts to our sense of worthiness.
    We are worthy for we are loved by the Creator of heaven and earth, in whom there is no preference of one over the other. We are worthy because we just are, without thought, reason or any other conditional requirement. Therefore just be…. worthy, and worthiness will become you.

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