Fading (a poem)

“You look tiny,”
she said with a frown.

It had been only a week since she had seen me last.
Already part of the person she remembered had disappeared.

I wasn’t sure how to feel,
or how to respond.
I feel ashamed
and proud.

Mostly frightened.

“You look tiny.”
I know what this means.
It means
I have lost part of myself.

The edges are wearing away,
protecting the core.

My skin
no longer covers as much space.
My bones
bear less weight.
My heart
pumping less blood
than it should be.

I have been bullied
out of my own body.
Retreating into nothingness,
fading away.

Less space.
Less weight.
Less life.

I don’t want to be tiny.
I want to be whole.
I want to claim my space.

Don’t let me fade away.

Featured image by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

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