Musings: Stop Waiting for a Green Light

This post is a follow up to Waiting for a Green Light, inspired by a comment I received on that one. I didn’t invest a lot of time editing this one. I just wrote from the heart; a musing of sorts.

If you’re waiting for a green light, you’re waiting for something that’s never going to come. Nobody’s going to give you permission. You don’t even know what you need permission for. You don’t even know what you need.

Stop waiting around. You have to ask for help. You have to go out there and get what you want instead of sitting around waiting for it to come to you. You just have to go.

People are going to disapprove. People are going to talk. People are going to think you just want attention. Let them. They don’t matter here. You do. You’re the one lying face up on the table with her heart cut open. Right now, you’re the one that matters.

Time isn’t waiting for you, but you’re waiting for something. You’re waiting for safety. You’re trying to outlast fear, but fear doesn’t move until you do.

Stop waiting and push fear out of the way. Look it dead in the eye and tell it you are in charge now. This is your life, honey. I don’t know why you thought you had to get permission to live it. Take back your power. Take it and run.

featured image by Paul Morris via Unsplash

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