It’s NOT Normal

Modern society has conditioned to believe that antagonizing food is the norm. Having been on a strong recovery streak and recently a relapse, I’ve gained some insight on what is and what isn’t healthy. Here’s what I’ve learned.

It’s not normal to have the urge or desire to throw up after you’ve eaten. If your body needs to regurgitate, it will. Without your help.

It’s not normal to feel guilty after you eat. Food is not sinful. It’s essential. Food has no moral value, nor does it affect yours.

It’s not normal to think about food all day. Food should not be a road block–it should be a stepping stone. It is nothing to be obsessed about. It should be fuel for your day–not the focus of it.

It’s not normal to feel obligated to burn every calorie off through exercise. Your body burns calories by keeping your heart beating and your lungs breathing. A calorie is only a unit of energy. A calorie is not poison.

It’s not normal to ignore your hunger cues. If you are hungry, eat. Stop when you’re full. Listen to your body. Don’t worry about what time it is.

It’s not normal to count calories. Your metabolic rate changes with your daily activity. It’s hard to gauge exactly how many you need, so listen to your body. Don’t set goals that haven’t been approved by a doctor.

It’s not normal to feel anxious or guilty around food.

It IS normal to enjoy food. It is normal to eat a meal without over-thinking it. It is normal to obey your hunger. It is normal to feel good after eating. Food is only food.

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