Love and Meaningful Conversation

It took me a long time to master the art of simple conversation. I use to avoid small talk like the plague. Now that I’ve been out of my shell for a while, I decided it’s time to take it up a notch. I saw something on Pinterest a few weeks ago that said “Be bold enough to start a conversation that matters.” Is there really anything better than a good face-to-face convo that leaves you thinking? Yesterday, I stepped up to the plate.

The result was hilarious.

I was sitting behind one of the desks at work with 3 other tutors and 2 classmates, all of whom I consider friends. I thought of a question that could potentially lead to a deep, thoughtful conversation and seized the opportunity to ask it upon the next moment of silence. This is what came out of my mouth:

“So guys, let me ask you something…

 How does feeling in love be like?”

Everyone (myself included) immediately noticed my word-flop and bursted out in laughter. Well, as you might imagine, that kind of ruined the intensity of the moment. But a comical start is still a good start!

They all looked suspicious at my asking of the question. Why did I want to know what being in love feels like? No specific reason…I just did. Curiosity, I guess. I’ve never been “in love” with a person, my parents divorced a long time ago, and so I maybe I just want to know what it’s all about.

But truthfully, I just wanted to hear their honest, heartfelt opinions on the matter. I see how love is portrayed in movies and books, but I wanted to hear it from real people. People that I know. People that are on my level. And I was hoping that they might get more out of the question than I would.

It was as interesting conversation, indeed.

“Well, you just know when it happens.”

“Love stinks.”

“Love hurts.”

“It’s a spiritual thing.”

“It can be wrong.”

“It can be right.”

“Don’t ever do it.”

“It’s about God, really.”

“It’s selfless.”

These are just some of the things I recall most from the talk. I really enjoyed it—and it was so much fun to put my friends in the hot seat! I like making the gears turn in their brains; making them step out of their comfort zone.

My meaningful conversation-starting skills may need some work, but that’s okay. Learn by doing, right?

I challenge you to be bold enough to start just one meaningful conversation this week, with someone who wouldn’t expect it. And the most important part: listen to really understand them. You might learn something.

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