The Five-Year-Old Trick

One morning before I headed off to class, I was browsing through YouTube trying to find some inspirational videos to get me going for the day. Yes, I’m that lame. We all have those days though, don’t we? When all you really want to do is stay in your footie pajamas and cuddle your dog while watching Star Trek all day… No, just me?

Well anyway, I stumbled upon a video with the title “The ONE Question That Stops Negative Self Talk DEAD In Its Tracks”. Interesting enough, so I clicked on it. Long story short, the magical question is this:

Would you talk like that to a five year old?

I don’t know about you, but that really struck a chord with me. It really hit close to home–I’m talking so close I was dodging bullets. Negative self-talk is poison. I went through the rest of my day keeping that question in mind. I thought of little five-year-old Annie—how innocent and carefree she was! I would never dare to tell her that she wasn’t good enough or that she shouldn’t follow her dreams. And then I realized something:

I’m still that same girl. I’m taller and smarter now, but I still have that child spirit within me. All the hopes, all the dreams, the same beautiful soul…so why do I treat myself like anything less? No one with half a heart would crush a five year old’s spirit. What gives us the right to think we can do that to ourselves?

Better start living those dreams. Ya ain’t getting any younger!

The truth is, we may grow up, but we never grow out of who we really are. Somewhere deep inside us, we still have that bubbly little kid waiting to take on the world. The next time you’re about to say or think something negative about yourself, ask if you would say that to a five-year-old. I keep a picture of my five-year-old self in the front of my journal so I can look at it every day. Not only does it keep my self-esteem in check, but it reminds me that I have a responsibility to that little girl. I have a lot of dreams that I haven’t made reality yet. As little Annie might ask, “Um, excuse me, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?”

4 thoughts on “The Five-Year-Old Trick

  1. AWE SO VERY TRUE !!! ID TELL THAT LIL 5years old girl,yes you can !!! You are so speacial. There is no one else like you 🙂 God has good things in store for you!! I love you Annie 🙂

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