Leonard Nimoy

(I know I’m a day late…so sorry! I got caught up in an Amish novel.)

I want to dedicate today’s post to one of my all-time favorites, Leonard Nimoy.

Leonard's final message to us all.

Spock is by far my favorite character from the original Star Trek– I think the reason for that, other than the ears, is sometimes I wish I could be more like Spock: only making rational decisions based completely on logic. Ha… that’s not me at all. I am a very emotional creature, more like Captain Kirk. I need a Vulcan best friend to balance me out.

Sadly, Mr. Nimoy left us last week. My first heartbreak 😥 I know Spock would say it is illogical to cry, but….it’s just so sad that he beamed up for the last time! *sobs hysterically*

You see, a dream died with him. Just a couple months ago I remember saying to my mom, “I really hope Leonard Nimoy doesn’t die before I get to meet him!” I was also waiting for him to re-stock his autographed photos on his website so I could buy one. Now I’ll have to wait til I’m rich and buy one for ten million dollars on eBay. Because that is where my priorities lie, people.

Not only was he an iconic actor, but he was also an advocate for positive body image. His method was a bit risqué for my taste, but I still think it’s pretty cool that he stood up for such a cause.

Thank you, Leonard Nimoy, for the legacy you left here on Earth (and on Vulcan). You will never be forgotten. Thank you for inspiring us to live long and prosper, as you most certainly did. ❤

Trekkie for life!
TREKKIE FOR LIFE! Those are my natural ears. I usually wear rubber normal-shaped ones.

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