Barbie Wishes She Had Your Body

Happy Monday! Starting today, I will be publishing a new post 5 days a week, with a different theme each day. Are you excited? I’m SO excited! And I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and—

FOCUS, ANNIE. Out of your head; into the moment.

Sorry. So anyway, I figured we could all use a little motivation to start off the week. [By the way, this is NEDAwareness week! Get involved 🙂 Also, I’m on twitter now! @AnnieZomaya]

Here’s a little note I made myself about 7 months ago when I first decided to recover:


“Barbie wishes she looked like me.” I think I saw that on a t-shirt. At first I thought the idea was kind of funny, and quite frankly, a little vain. But then I realized…it’s true! Well, you know, it would be if Barbie was self-aware and capable of feeling emotion.

Why, you ask? Because we have so many extraordinary qualities that Barbie never will.

Look at you.

See the sparkle in your eyes? The way your face glows? Beautiful.

Feel the texture of your hair, the softness of your skin, the sweet rush of oxygen filling your lungs.

Look at your hands—have you ever considered how incredible they are? Think of what they allow you to do every day.

And your feet, all the places they allow you to go. Poor Barbie… girlfriend is doomed with chronic foot drop and must wear high heels for all eternity. Ew.

Smile! Whether your teeth are movie-star white or perfectly crooked, your smile is charming and unique and genuine—not molded from synthetic material. That is priceless.

And finally, put your thumb on your wrist and find your pulse. Feel it? That, my darlings, is life. Your heart is the most incredible organ in your body. It courses blood through your veins, supplying oxygen and nutrients to your body, sustaining all other life functions. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I simply close my eyes and feel my pulse for a few moments to bring me back to Earth. Your heartbeat–something so simple and ordinary–is one of the most incredible things in the entire universe (or multiverse, for you theorists).

Barbie only wishes she knew how it could feel to be…alive

2 thoughts on “Barbie Wishes She Had Your Body

  1. You are awesome Annie sooo smart I love reading your blogs they really make me think YES Our hearts & hands are amazing We serve a AWESOME GOD that made us so wonderfully made ! You are not only my sweet daughter but also a big inspiration to me too !! Keep on blogging sweetie your touching many lives Love Momma 🙂

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