Connect the Dots: Writing prompt from The Daily Post

Open your nearest book to page 32. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post 

Today is Friday, which means no class (yay!). I am at work by myself for most of the day, so I thought I’d do this fun little writing prompt from the Daily Post. The nearest book to me is my sociology textbook, Everyday Sociology. I flipped to page 32, and the third complete sentence read:

“The scientific approach is a vigorous, systematic method of observation and examination of the universe.”

Oh wow. Okay, here goes.

Since I’ve only just begun my sociology class, frankly I have no idea what the “scientific approach” is all about. But the universe…I can go to town on this!

I have a very active imagination. I think about things that no one else admits to thinking about. My friends find it most curious. There are many nights where I have trouble sleeping because my mind is so busy. Some of the things that keep me up at night are about space, time, and the universe.

What is time? That was a question on my astrobiology pre-test this week. Why is time cyclical, yet constant? Why do we have phases of the moon and a 365.25 day year, if time never repeats itself? OR DOES IT!

Sometimes when I get deja vu, I think maybe it’s a time warp. Maybe I was about to make a bad decision and someone from the future came to stop me and then swiped my memory of the event.

And what about parallel universes? Do they exist? Speaking of decisions, what if for every decision you’ve ever made, your equal in another dimension did the opposite?

What exists in this universe that remains beyond our sensory threshold? Think about all the radiation that doesn’t pass through the visual light spectrum. Is that where angels hide?

And one more: When we say “it’s raining”, what exactly do we mean by ‘it’? I asked my local weatherman and even he hasn’t replied yet.

There is a lot more where this came from.

What kind of things keep you up at night?

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